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Welcome to our site where we try to provide you the best information on Anal Bleaching and Vaginal Bleaching.

What is Anal Bleaching? Is it real?

Yes, Anal Bleaching is real. Anal Bleaching or Anal Lightening is the process of lightening the skin around the anus.

How did Anal Bleaching start?

Dark discoloration of the anus and vagina was a genuine and growing concern from adult film stars and dancers, and regular housewives. As demand for Anal Bleaching grew, people began to develop products to satisfy their customers' needs.

Why do people need Anal Bleaching?

As we become a more "exposed" society and people want to enhance the beauty of all areas of their bodies, people are turning to Anal Bleaching as the next step in their beauty enhancement routine. Anal Bleaching allows both men and women to look their best, especially in their most intimate areas.

Everyone is different. Some of us just have different pigmentations of our skin. However, there are many reasons why discoloration of the anus or vagina can occur. Dark discoloration of the breast nipples and vagina can result from hormonal changes that may occur after pregnancy. The anal sphincter darkens primarily due to staining from the expulsion of bodily waste. However, the anus may also discolor because of hormonal fluctuations in both men and women. Shaving has also been known to cause darkening.

Is Anal Bleaching safe?

Yes, if you use the right product. You have to find a gentle, all natural product specially formulated for Anal Bleaching.

However, beware. There are a number of products available that have been used for this purpose, but many have harsh and potentially hazardous chemicals such as Kojic Acid or Hydroquinone as their active ingredients and they were never intended for use on sentive areas such as the anus or vagina. Many of these products have been used by African-American women to lighten their skin. But these chemicals can have some harsh side effects such as anal burning and scarring. This, in turn, could lead to anal incontinence or an inability to pass stools at all. We suggest you avoid products with these chemicals.

Where can I get safe Anal Bleaching products?

We have found one product that is all natural and is specially formulated for Anal and Vaginal Lightening. This product is called South Beach Skin Solutions . Straight from the hottest place on the planet, it is the only safe, all-natural product available for home use that we have found. Because it relies on natural extracts from certain plants instead of harsh chemicals like hydroquinone, it is completely safe to use, even on the most sensitive areas of the body. There is no burning and no side effects. It is sold only in top waxing salons, spas, pharmacies and doctors offices and the Internet. For more information on South Beach Skin Solutions you can visit their web site at www.southbeachskinsolutions.com.

Many waxing salons are starting to offer Anal Bleaching in combination with their waxing services. Ask your waxing salon if they offer Anal Bleaching. But make sure they use a SAFE product!!!!

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